How to Have a Fabulously Frugal Wedding

If you have recently gotten engaged, you know by now that weddings can be extremely expensive. Weddings in our age are so expensive that people are taking out loans or opening new lines of credit just to afford their special day. I am in the process of planning my wedding which is on September 16, 2017. I believe I have used many different techniques that will result in not only having a beautiful wedding, but also will save cost. Here are a couple of helpful tips you can use to have a fabulously frugal wedding!

1. Only Invite CLOSE Friends and Family

Your guest list plays a major role in your wedding budget. It determines how much you will be spending in regards to your venue, food, and wedding favors, two of which are the most expensive items in your wedding.Larger venues tend to be more expensive due to holding capacity. You can count on your food costing you anywhere between $10-$30 per guest, wedding favors around $1-$20 per guest. Given by those examples you can see that those number can quickly add up to an outrageous cost, not to mention that other items are still needed for the wedding as well (dress, rings, flowers, cake,etc.) Basically, you are better off with only inviting close friends and family. In result you will have the people there that really care for you while sticking to your budget.

2. No Need For Hard Liquor

One of the most expensive items on your wedding checklist is liquor. However, you can definitely cut cost on the booze by simply not serving hard liquor (Vodka, Whiskey, etc.) Instead, only serve wine and beer which is a fraction of the cost of hard liquor. You may also opt to only serve champagne for the cocktail hour, toasts, or any other special time during the reception. Either option you choose, the ending cost will be much less compared to the liquor.

3. Use Family and Friends as Wedding Vendors

You honestly never know what people’s talents are. As I plan my wedding, I realize that I have many talented friends and family members. I have friends and family that do makeup, make invitations, dj, and work at traveling agencies. Getting a discount on specific wedding needs is so helpful when you’re on a tight budget. Start asking around to see who you know that can help with your specific needs. You might have a family member that does bridal bouquets or a friend that caters.

4. Use Other Decorations Besides Flowers

Flowers are another major cost in you wedding budget. If you’re like me, and can go with other decorations besides flowers, then I say please do. Having some flowers is perfectly fine, but a plethora of flowers will begin to add up. After receiving the expensive floral quote, I decided to find different types of decorations that will substitute for the flowers. Being mindful of my theme, I decided to use lanterns as centerpieces. You can also use feathers, branches, pearls, and candles for decorations as well. Just try to think outside the box of what you can use as decorations besides flowers that also fit your wedding vision. You’ll have a wedding that’s unique without breaking the bank.

Be sure to stick to your wedding budget. It is very easy to begin drifting away from your price range when you are in the process of planning a wedding. I hope these tips were helpful! Please feel free to comment and share the post!

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