How to Begin Couponing


I was one of those children who HATED it when my mom would take forever at the check out looking for coupons. However, now that I am a young adult with my own money, I understand the benefits of couponing. Simply put, YOU SAVE MONEY! Seriously, you can save a large percentage on your purchase by using coupons, discounts, etc. I’m here to give you a brief and basic lesson on couponing.

Where to Find Coupons?

You can get coupons from newspapers, emails, social media, magazines, or the stores’ website. The more the merrier!

How Do You Keep Up With Coupons?

Be organized! Keep coupons in a specific folder or binder that is stored in an easy-to-find area of your home. Be sure to categorize coupons in the folder based on specific categories such as store, expiration date, product, etc.

Is it Possible to Use More than One Coupon?

Many stores will allow you to use more than one coupon for your purchase. However, there are also stores out there that will only allow one coupon per transaction. Be sure that you know the store’s discount/coupon policy before shopping. It would be horrible to expect a large discount and end it having a discount altogether.

Do I Need Any Special Equipment/Supplies to Coupon?

Surprisingly, some people are not sure how to obtain coupons. The major components I think are needed to properly coupon are scissors, a valid email address, a smart phone, a decent printer, and newspapers. As long as you have these items, your couponing experience should be fairly easy and successful.


These are just the basic essentials needed to begin your journey of couponing. Once you master the basics, you will soon discoverthat there are different techniques, short-cuts, and even hidden discounts that are involved in couponing. I hope this post was of some help and guidance to you! Happy Couponing!

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