Getting Healthy on a Budget

We all should know by now the importance of living a healthy lifestyle (longer life, decreased risk of diseases and illnesses, etc.) Many of us want to be healthier but we simply can’t afford the costs of actually being healthy. After paying for a gym membership, buying organic foods, and buying exercise gear, you are looking at a huge increase in your yearly expenses. Mayuree Rao of Harvard School of Public Health states “On average, they discovered, it costs $1.48 more per day to eat healthier.” This will result in one person spending $550 more a year and a family of four spending and additional $2200 a year!


There are many different options that are available that can help you become fit and save money. Here are four examples that you can use to live a healthier lifestyle without breaking the bank.


1. Stepping Away from the Gym Treadmill

This is something I try to encourage everyone to do! You are looking at saving between $120 and $500 a year simply by using techniques to help you get in shape. Running in your neighborhood, at a park, or simply running up your staircase will burn the same amount of calories as a treadmill

2. Use Inanimate Objects for Strength Training

You can also use your own body weight for strength training (push ups, planks, lunges, etc.) which will result in toning. I would encourage you all to use inanimate objects to assist you with your work out. For example you can use a sturdy kitchen chair to do tricep dip push-ups. This technique offers the same results as the machines at the gym.


3. Stop Buying Everything Organic

Many of you may have read the title and immediately thought, “isn’t that the best food for you?” I will answer that with a yes and no. From experience, organic foods were beneficial when I wanted meats and produce. Organic meats and produce are in their rarest form. You don’t have to worry about pesticides, chemicals, and hormones being added to your food. However, your breads, grains, snacks, etc. do not need to be organic. These foods will probably not have as many processed components in them, however, sugar and salt in any form is detrimental to your health. For example, organic pretzels and regular pretzels will more than likely have the same amount of salt.

4. Branch Out Beyond Organic Store Chains

People automatically think that if they want to be healthy, they have to start going to Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s for organic foods. I’m here to tell you that many grocery stores have incorporated organic aisles and sections that provide all of your health needs. The great thing about organic foods in grocery stores is that it will cost less opposed to going to one of the major organic chains. Also, consider going to your local farmers market where farmers sell their produce for much less.


I hope this post was helpful! Please feel free to leave a comment! Stay fabulously frugal!

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  1. Kelsey

    This was so helpful! I always thought go organic or l go home! Glad you’ve made me realize otherwise! #FabulouslyFrugal

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