Buying Designer Bags for Less

Buying Designer Bags For Less


A designer handbag can say a lot about you. Not only will the bag have people wondering “who is that chick?” or “what does she do for a living?” but it will also display a sense of confidence and style. However, reality sets in and we realize that we can’t afford a designer hand bag and we should just stick with an average hand bag. Right? Wrong! There’s a plethora of places and people you can buy your 100% authentic designer bags for less.

From Chanel to Celine there are different stores and shops that offer designer bags for a percentage off the retail price. After reviewing some of the most popular places to buy a designer bag from, I have narrowed it down to 4 specific places that I believe are superior based on authenticity, discount, return policies, and customer service.

1. The Real Real
Of all the sites I have reviewed and researched, I would say The Real Real takes first place. What I like about this site is that they have a larger percentage off opposed to their counterparts. The Real Real discounts up to 90% off, not to mention the frequent discount/coupon codes that generally equate to 20% off. This company assures its customers of its reputable status by explaining their inspection process, authenticity process, and the return process.


2. Yoogi’s Closet
Yoogi’s closet falls right behind The Real Real. I honestly had trouble choosing the better of the two stores. However, The Real Real offered more of a discount and this blog is simply about being fabulous for a fraction of the cost. Yoogi’s Closet however is a strong competitor. What I liked about this discounted store is that it also offered a high percentage off, equaling up to 80% off retail. Though the discounted price was high, what really won me over was their excellent return policy. Yoogi’s Closet gives you 30 days to return the item that you purchased. While doing a return, you don’t have to worry about contacting the store about the return. You simply fill out the return label, keep the authenticity seal, and return before the 30 days.


3. Tradesy
I believe Tradesy is a great site to find discounted designer hand bags. Offering up to 70% off retail, this store reminds me of a fashion forward EBay. It has many different hand bags available on the site. Even though Tradesy has a plethora of hand bags, their filtering options make it fairly easy to pinpoint the specific bag you are searching for.


4. TJ Maxx
Surprisingly, TJ Maxx made my list of the top stores to buy designer hand bags for less. To be completely honest, I wanted to award TJ Maxx in the number one spot initially. However, I had to take a lot of conditions into consideration. TJ Maxx offers a very small range of top designer bags on their website. However, these bags aren’t pre-owned like the other bags on the other sites. There is also room for more than one person to buy the same hand bag instead one specific bag selling out to one buyer. You can expect to find different hand bags ranging from Fendi to Ferragamo.


Ultimately, don’t feel ashamed about buying a designer bag for a discounted price. The sites mentioned were created for people like you and me, people who ultimately want to look and feel glamorous for less. I hope this post was of some assistance to you! Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any insight or experience with the mentioned stores. Don’t forget to share!

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  1. Jasmine.G

    I love the options you’ve listed. I love all of them check out poshmark I’ve just made some great purchases of authentic items!

    • Paige Thomas

      Yes they are authentic. All of their bags have to go through a authenticity process before they resell them.

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