How to Begin Couponing

  I was one of those children who HATED it when my mom would take forever at the check out looking for coupons. However, now that I am a young adult with my own money, I understand the benefits of couponing. Simply put, YOU SAVE MONEY! Seriously, you can save a large percentage on your … [Read more…]

How to Have a Fabulously Frugal Wedding

If you have recently gotten engaged, you know by now that weddings can be extremely expensive. Weddings in our age are so expensive that people are taking out loans or opening new lines of credit just to afford their special day. I am in the process of planning my wedding which is on September 16, … [Read more…]

Getting Healthy on a Budget

We all should know by now the importance of living a healthy lifestyle (longer life, decreased risk of diseases and illnesses, etc.) Many of us want to be healthier but we simply can’t afford the costs of actually being healthy. After paying for a gym membership, buying organic foods, and buying exercise gear, you are … [Read more…]

Buying Designer Bags for Less

Buying Designer Bags For Less   A designer handbag can say a lot about you. Not only will the bag have people wondering “who is that chick?” or “what does she do for a living?” but it will also display a sense of confidence and style. However, reality sets in and we realize that we … [Read more…]